Friday, May 21, 2010

Menus, Napkins and Table Numbers Oh My!

Menus, table numbers and napkins, all wrapped up in one adorable package!
Learn how to make them yourself using the simple DIY steps below:


1. An image in a digital format scanned or created with a design program.
2. Set of cotton Dinner Napkins (we found ours at Bed, Bath and Beyond).
3. Iron-on transfer paper(can be found at Michaels or Hobby Lobby).
4. A color inkjet printer.
5. Hand iron.
6. A flat, hard, smooth, non-porous ironing surface.
7. A clean soft cloth.


1. Create your design using a scanned image or on your computer.

2. When you are ready to print your image, follow these steps:

Make sure that you have selected 'Mirror', 'Flip', 'Reverse' or a similar setting in your application, if it is required, so that the image will be printed backwards.

Test by printing your image on a sheet of plain paper. Once you are satisfied with how your image looks, insert a single sheet of iron on transfer paper into your printer and adjust the settings as follows.

In your printer driver, select the highest dpi setting and the correct paper setting for your type of printer: Look for a T-shirt transfer setting.

Set the paper thickness lever on your printer for standard paper.
Print your iron on transfer image. 

3. Trim the iron transfer image into two sections, as each section will be ironed separately.

4. Iron on the Transfer

Preheat the iron on its highest temperature setting and make sure that you DO NOT use steam. DO NOT use an ironing board, bare wood, glass, or metal surface for ironing. We used a counter top surface, proteted by a smooth cotton hand towel.

Place the image to be transferred face down on the napkin in the desired position. And press firmly, ironing over the entire surface for 30-45 seconds.

5. Fold your napkin 




Anonymous said...

These are beautiful! Does anyone know what font is being use?

Lilah Paper said...

Hi Jackie,
That is a font called Burguess. Enjoy!