Friday, July 23, 2010

I heart laser-cutting!

Ok, so I am SO excited about this next invitation and I just got back pictures (they are shipping the pieces to me, so this is all I have right now) of how the laser-cut gate turned out! This invitation is such an amazing example of how laser-cutting can really add dimension to an invitation and bring about true meaning to the "big reveal" that gets everyone excited about your wedding!!

I will post pictures once this baby is complete, but for now here is just a teaser. This invitation is going to have coppery, laser-cut, wrought-iron gates with a house (printed on ecru vellum) peeping thru the gate work, as if you are looking thru the actual estate and coming up to the mansion itself! SO cool! Then behind the vellum is the actual invitation using a geometric, honeycomb pattern that can be found on the windows of the home itself.

Stay tuned...