Thursday, March 4, 2010

Adrienne Maples Photography and our sweet little Ellie

Ok, so I have to diverge from weddings and stationery for a bit, as I am totally consumed by the new little addition to our family! Our sweet little daughter, Ellie Sophia, was born February 18th and she is just perfect in every single way!! So, this post is all about babies and the our amazing photographer Adrienne Maples, who shot her newborn photos on Monday! I got the chance to grab a sneak peak of a few of them (shown above) posted on her facebook page.

I am so amazed by Adrienne's ability to capture our love and our little girl in a way that I could never imagine! Check out her incredible pictures at her website here.

Her wedding shots are equally as amazing!! (Ok... so there was a little wedding talk... but seriously, she is SO talented!)

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Adrienne Maples said...

You are too sweet! The truth is I had a gorgeous baby & an equally beautiful mommy to photograph!