Monday, January 11, 2010

Using your inspiration to design your stationery - how we do it?

Ever wonder how an invitation designer uses your bits of inspiration (magazine clippings, fabric swatches, etc.) to determine what kind of stationery and design would suite your event best?? Well, there is a lot that goes into designing a stationery suite, including talking at length with you regarding your style, likes, dislikes, etc. However, we really do utilize the bits of inspiration that you provide for us to get a better idea of how to make it all come together.

For instance, say you are looking for a nautically inspired invitation set that is classic and preppy, but not necessarily "literally" nautical, but rather you prefer something that simply evokes the aesthetics and elegance of a harbor-side affair?

Well, I have put together some example clippings from one of my favorite catalogues (Serena and Lilly) to show how these elements can come to life within your invitation.

The first swatch shows nautical inspired fabrics, colors and patterns, coupled with the natural textures of a jute rug.  Thru the use of rich colors, textured papers and a natural, but elegant touch of raffia you can see that the possibilities of incorporating these "inspirational" elements into your stationery are endless!

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