Monday, August 17, 2009

Easy Place Cards!

As a designer who was once a bride myself, I found that one of the most stressful items to deal with as the big day grew nearer, were the escort or place cards! Trying to figure out where everyone is going to sit is an absolute nightmare, especially when you have last minute guest replies or guests who unfortunately fall sick at the last moment and can no longer make it. Then the dilemma is that the table numbers have already been written out on the back of each persons names and you are running dangerously short on blank escort cards! Aahhh!

Well a simple fix that I love for many reasons, is the escort card with mini coin envelope. Not only are these great for last minute changes, because the guests names are on the envelope (not the card), but it is a great way to add extra color and pizazz to your table display!

The idea is simple. The escort cards still have the beautifully printed design, however each card has a table number or name on it, as opposed to a guest's name. Then if John and Jane Smith suddenly get moved at the last minute, you simply take their table card out of their envelopes and switch it with another... problem solved!

Quick, simple and beautifully stylish! For pricing on these great escort cards, drop us an email and we will be happy to help.

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Convenient and beautiful!