Friday, June 20, 2008

Lilah Paper Studio -

The new Lilah Paper studio is finally taking shape, with the purchase of an old white farm table. I find myself truly lucky to have found this little gem. Oddly enough it had been placed in the women's restroom of my favorite furniture store, Revival. Why it was in the bathroom, no one knew, but it was indeed for sale and is now cleaned up and living in the middle of my custom invitation studio.

The process has been a long and ever-changing one, but starting in July my studio will be open for consultations and I can't wait! Stay tuned for the progression of my studio and also the long-awaited revival of my beautiful Kelsey Star letterpress.

Kalyn Denno
Lilah Paper

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Candice @ Jubilee Events said...


Your style is so beautiful. I'm instantly hooked! Looking forward to keeping up with you and your blog, plus working with you in the future.